Wedding | Here Comes Bridezilla...

Monday, 9 May 2016

Aloha! I can't quite believe that today marks 1 year since Mikey and I got engaged! It's gone so bloody fast and it feels like we've hardly got anywhere with the wedding planning!

I'm trying not to be a bridezilla. It's not a pretty attitude to have really. But sometimes it feels like no one understands what I/we really want from my/our big day.
We said when we got engaged that we weren't going to rush into the wedding and if we were engaged for 4 years then it didn't matter! However, I soon started buying wedding magazine after wedding magazine and the date was about to be set as October 2017. We started looking at venues and that's when people really started sticking their oars in. 
I wanted a nice, small DIY wedding which would (hopefully) allow us to cut some costs. I was going to bake our wedding cake and put my new stand mixer to good use! It was all going to be great. Until people started saying 'oh no, I don't like that venue', 'oh you can't possibly do a DIY wedding' etc etc etc.
So I threw a major bridezilla tantrum and told everyone we were eloping and they weren't invited.
It started out as a bit of a joke, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it.
And that's when Mikey suggested New York.
So on 20th May 2017 we will be getting married, on the terrace at Belvedere Castle, Central Park, NYC.
We've decided against going solo though and we will be inviting close family and friends and then having a big party back here a few weeks later for those who can't make it.
Now I just need to keep the bridezilla at bay whilst I deal with all the other planning details!
There's really not enough hours in the day!

Judging by how fast the last year has gone, I'm sure our wedding will be here in no time at all!


Food | Topolabamba

Friday, 6 May 2016

Aloha! Anyone that knows me at all knows that I absolutely LOVE Mexican food (& Drink), so when my other half mentioned he had walked past a Mexican restaurant in Glasgow that we hadn't yet tried, I had to go check it out!

Topolabamba is located at 89 Vincent Street in Glasgow City Centre, just a stones throw away from Central Station & the main shopping area. Their menu is a mix of classic Mexican dishes and street food (think Mexican tapas). The restaurant is really well decorated and had a great atmosphere (we visited on a busy bank holiday Monday!)

We opted for the express lunch menu. You pick one thing from each column for only £9.95 per person! Pretty good deal if you ask me! I didn't take pictures of all the food because I was so hungry and excited to eat it, but I went for Chicken Tinga Tacos, the Barbacoa Beef Quesadillas and the salt & chilli fries! Mikey had the Chorizo Taquitos, the Barbacoa Tortas (Which was huge btw!) and the rice!

And to drink? Well it had to be a beergarita! I've not found anywhere since being in Mexico that serves these so I was so excited to finally have them back in my life! If I closed my eyes, it was almost like being back at the beach, dipping my toes in the Caribbean sea (ahhh, bliss). 

We both absolutely loved our meal at Topolabama and we will definitely be back soon!
And Edinburgh people, don't worry, Topolabamba is opening an Edinburgh restaurant very, very soon!


Fashion | Primark Haul

Monday, 2 May 2016

Aloha! I'm back again with another little Primark Haul! I had a cheeky little bonus in my pay packet this month so I decided to treat myself to some new things!
Here is what I bought!

Workout Vests - £3 each
Sports Bra - £3.50
Sports Socks - £2.50 for a 3 pack
As I've mentioned before, I've been going to the gym in an attempt to get in shape for my wedding! I was pleased when I saw that Primark had some offers on their workout clothes! I picked this lovely orange colour as it goes with my new balance trainers that I bought recently! And the black top will make me look slim right?

Cardigan - £6
Blouse - £5.50
It wouldn't be a trip to Primark without me buying a black cardigan! I go through them like nothing on earth! I also spotted this nice black blouse. I was drawn to it because of the unusual gold chain detail on the front. 

Pop-up Storage Bin - £3
Invisible Footies - £2.50 for 5
Bum & Tum Shaper Tights - £3.50
Lace Boxer Briefs - £1 each
Hair Ties - £1
I bought this storage bin to replace my old laundry bin which is falling to bits! I liked the pattern on this and my utility room is black and white so it will go well with it!
These tights are just the best! I've had them before but all my other pairs now have holes in them so it was time for a replacement packet! I like these because I don't have to spend the whole day pulling them up!
I'm sure no one really wants to see what pants I bought but T
these were reduced to £1 each! I'm going to have a proper clear out of my underwear drawer now that I've purchased quite a few new pants recently!
And of course, it wouldn't be a trip to Primark without coming out with socks and hair ties! (even if you don't need them)

I also bought a special little something whilst I was in Primark, but I'll save that for another post!
Primark have some lovely products in just now! I'm gutted I'm not going on holiday this year so I can buy lots of pretty new summer clothes!


Fashion | Gymwear Haul

Monday, 18 April 2016

Aloha! I recently joined my local gym as part of my attempts to get in shape for my wedding! I know I've got just over a year to go but knowing my track record, it could take a while!
Anyway, I didn't really have much of a gym wardrobe so I decided to have a little spending spree in the hope my gym clothes might make me look like I know what I'm doing ha ha!
So here is what I've bought! 
I bought this because it matches my new trainers (which you'll see later in this post). It's super soft and comfy to wear when working out!
Adidas Climachill Tank - £9
I bought this from Very but I can't see it on their website anymore! This has climachill technology so it is nice and breathable, and keeps you cool!

Because you can't beat some adidas leggings for looking great at the gym!
Puma Graphic Sports Bras - £25
These were again from Very but they don't appear to be on the site anymore. 2 sports bras for £25 was a bit of a bargain I thought! They have the same ones but in plain colours here for £38.

USA Pro Skull Leggings - £10
These are unfortunately out of stock everywhere now (I had a hard time getting them).
I saw these on xameliax's snapchat and I had to track a pair down for myself. The sugar skull print gives me the motivation to get in shape for our honeymoon (we're planning to go to Mexico).
Sweatshirt - £5.99
Trainer Socks £2.99
Both of these are from Decathlon. I was in there killing time one evening, whilst waiting for Mikey and decided to have a browse of the running section. I needed a sweatshirt as it's still bloomin freezing in Scotland on an evening! This one was a bargain and keeps me nice and cosy on late evening runs. I also needed new trainer socks so these were an essential!

Sports Bra - £5
This was a Marks & Spencer sale find! It's a little bit tight on me but I'm sure it will fit better once I lose a little bit of weight! For only £5, you can't really go wrong! It definitely keeps my assets in place!
Running Leggings - £11.99
These were a gift from my mum for Easter and are again from Decathlon. She bought this plain white tee to go with them too! These are made of a super super soft material and feel so lovely! 

And now for the main event! I couldn't resist buying myself some offensively bright running shoes! I'm keeping these as indoor trainers only because I don't want them to get all dirty haha! These are super cushioned inside and they are so comfy! I wish I had shoes this comfy for everyday wear!

So that's me all kitted out for the gym! Now I just need to find the energy to go! Haha!

Fashion | Spring Haul

Monday, 11 April 2016

Aloha! It's not often I spend money on clothes these days as the wedding saving is in full force, but I had a little trip to the shops with my mum a few weekends ago so I thought I'd do a little Spring Haul post!
Here is what I bought!
Jumper £12.99 - H&M
Leggings £16 - M&S
I bought these leggings for a work night out and wore them with a cream blouse which worked really well. They are super thick and comfy! I wanted a black jumper to go with them so grabbed this one in H&M. I know it's a bit late to be buying jumpers but I live in Scotland so the chances of us having a summer are slim!

Navy Blouse £5 - Primark
Black Cardigan £5 - Primark
Shoes - £6 - Primark
I bought the blouse as I have 2 navy skirts but nothing to go with them! This works well with them and was in the sale so it's a win, win! 
I always grab a black cardigan when I'm in Primark too as you can never have too many! And when it's in the sale, who can resist!
I just love the gold detailed bow on the shoes too! I needed some new black flats for when it finally gets warm enough to take my ugg boots off!

Blouse £4 - H&M
Dress £20 - Tesco
This blouse was in the H&M sale for the bargain price of £4! I've got the same blouse in like 3 different colours and this one will go really well with another of my navy skirts!
I've had my eye on this dress for weeks. Everytime I went to Tesco I would stand and admire it for ages! One day I finally gave in and bought it and I've not looked back! It's great for both work and weekend wear!


Lifestyle | Paradise Island Adventure Golf

Friday, 1 April 2016

Aloha! A couple of weeks ago I was invited along to check out Paradise Island Adventure Golf in Livingston! After quite a few weekends of sitting around the house with no plans, I was excited to get out of the house for something a bit different!

Paradise Island Adventure Golf is situated inside the Livingston Designer Outlet, just off J3 of the M8 motorway, and about a 15 minute drive from my house! It is really easy to find and there was plenty of car parking available!

Upon our arrival, we were greeted with a warm smile from the girls on the payment desk who explained a little bit about each course. We were then handed a golf club each and headed onto the first of two 18 hole courses: Barnacle Bay!

Barnacle Bay was a journey from a shipwreck through sea caves to a desert island, with lots of twists and turns along the way! I found this course to be the easier of the two, so perhaps this is the best choice is you have small kiddies in tow (if you are only playing one round of course!)

After conquering Barnacle Bay (I won!), we headed on to the Lost Lagoon! I'd say this course is for the more adventurous mini golfer in you! It certainly tested my skills with its maze of obstacles and uneven terrain through the jungle and the mysterious tomb, before reaching the monkey temple ruins! Mikey beat me on this course, despite me trying to cheat when marking his score card (teehee!)

After trying out both courses, we were both very impressed. It was a busy day at Paradise Island Adventure Golf when we visited (probably due to the cold, damp, typical Scottish weather), but we didn't get held up as both courses flowed well! In fact, we were probably the ones holding people up due to my poor putting skills!

Paradise Island Adventure Golf will definitely bring out your competitive side but it's all in good fun and something everyone can get involved in, no matter your ability or age! And to bring out your competitive side further, at the end of the 18th hole there is the ultimate challenge - the 19th Hole! Here you can attempt to get a hole in one to win yourself a free game pass.

It took us about 2 hours to work our way around both courses and we both really enjoyed ourselves! I'm sure we will be back again soon for a deciding match!

Overall, I'd highly recommend Paradise Island Adventure Golf. It's easily accessible, suitable for all ages, abilities and types of group. And even better, it is reasonably priced! 

If you are looking for something to do with the kids this weekend, or you fancy a change from your regular date night haunts, you really should check out Paradise Island Adventure Golf!

*Disclaimer - I was gifted free tickets to Paradise Island Adventure Golf for the purpose of this review but all opinions and views are my own*

Lifestyle | TheSundayPost - 20th March

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Aloha! Happy first day of Spring! Finally, Winter is over!
Here is what I've been up to this week!
1 & 2 - On Tuesday night, the northern lights were visible over Edinburgh! I was at my mum's house for tea so we went out in the car to try and get some good pictures. Unfortunately it was very misty and cloudy but I did manage to get these 2 pictures! I was so excited!
3 - I finally managed to fit back into my tartan pinafore dress! I love this dress but I'd put too much weight on for it. Thanks to my fitness drive lately, I've managed to lose half a stone in 2 weeks and it fits again!
4 - And here is a lovely attractive picture of me after a run. This snapchat filter made me laugh so much. You can add me on snapchat at katiemccann92 for more funny faces and food pictures!

Have a fab week!